Permanent Secretary

H.E. Ms. Fiona Formosa

H.E. Ms. Fiona Formosa was appointed Permanent Secretary at the then Ministry for Foreign Affairs on 23 April 2014.

Ms. Formosa began her career as a Second Secretary within the Diplomatic Service in September 1996. Her first duties were within the Multilateral Affairs Department where she worked on social and humanitarian issues as well as various UN agencies. She was posted four years later as a First Secretary and assisted in setting up the newly established Embassy of Malta in Athens. Upon her return to the Ministry in 2003, she worked on the Commonwealth Organisation, technical assistance and international candidatures, moving on after a year to the Bilateral Relations Department to head the Asia and Americas section.

Following a reorganisation of the Ministry, Ms. Formosa moved to the Global Issues Directorate working on human rights issues and cultural affairs. In 2008 she was promoted to the grade of Counsellor and was posted as Consul General of Malta in Toronto, Canada until 2011. She returned to the Ministry to take up duties within the European Affairs Directorate and was subsequently promoted to the grade of First Counsellor. In 2012 she became Assistant Director and in turn, Director of the European General Affairs and Economic Cooperation Directorate (later the International Development, Economic Affairs and European Institutions Directorate) overseeing international development and humanitarian affairs, commercial and cultural diplomacy, and Malta’s relations with non-EU European institutions among other areas.

In March 2014, Ms. Formosa presented her credentials as non-resident Ambassador of Malta to the Republic of Turkey; a post she continued to hold until May 2017.
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