Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion, Hon Mr Carmelo Abela in New York

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Sep 23, 2017
The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion Hon Carmelo Abela continued his engagements in New York on Wednesday 20 September 2017 at the United Nations General Assembly. The Minister attended the discussion  on Terrorist use of the Internet and ways to combat the misuse of technology for the purposes of radicalization, chaired by the leaders of the U.K and France. He also participated in the UN side event on the need to increase dialogue and the vital role of the United Nations to end violence and discrimination against LGBTI persons. In the evening, the Minister joined the Prime Minister's delegation on a visit to the members of the Maltese Community in Astoria, New York where ties with the diaspora were recalled.

On Thursday 21 September, Minister Abela attended a Ministerial meeting organized by Italy, UNESCO and the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect to discuss how the international community can come together to protect cultural heritage from terrorism. The meeting referred to Protecting cultural heritage from terror and mass atrocities, and was also addressed by the EU High Representative Federica Mogherini.

On Friday 22 September, Minister Abela attended the speech delivered by the Hon Prime Minister Joseph Muscat at the UN General Assembly. Later that morning, the Minister also intervene at the side event organized by Liechtenstein on the Accountability, Coherence and Transparency (ACT)Code of Conduct for the Security Council. Malta is one of the 114 signatories of this Code. Minister Abela made reference to Malta's endorsement of the Code noting that Malta stands resolute on the need to protect civilians from mass atrocity crimes and called on other members of the UN to support the ACT.

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