Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr George W. Vella delivers keynote speech at the LVII COSAC Meeting

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: May 29, 2017

Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr George W. Vella delivered a keynote speech at the LVII COSAC (Committees of Foreign and European Affairs of EU Member States and Candidate Countries) Meeting, and also took the floor for an interactive question and answer session with the delegates attending the conference.

During this session, Minister Vella discussed several aspects brought up during the debate, amongst them the challenges facing the European Union, Brexit, the reforms taking place within the EU, Libya, and EU-US relations.

Minister Vella started by thanking the delegates for their numerous interventions, during which they also applauded Malta for the excellent organisation, but also the outcomes during its Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

On Brexit, Minister Vella said that the United Kingdom has contributed a lot to the EU, and that all decisions taken should be taken with respect to the British people. He said that his concern about Brexit is how the UK’s exit would leave both the EU and he UK. The Minister also highlighted the long-standing fruitful relations between Malta and the UK.

About the problems and difficulties that the European Union is facing at the moment, Minister Vella said that there is no quick and effective solution to these problems. On reforms within the EU, Minister for Foreign Affairs said that one cannot remain static, and augured the next troika to encourage participation and debate on these reforms.

With regards to Libya, Minister Vella said that it took quite some time to convince EU countries from the North to accept and acknowledge that the EU was not only facing problems in the East, but also in the South with Libya.

Speaking about EU-USA relations, Minister Vella said that this is a sensitive issue, and one still has to see the USA’s position about NATO, climate change, and also on Transatlantic Relations.

Concluding, Minister Vella addressed the three member states forming the upcoming troika, and offered Malta’s full cooperation, not only with the experience gathered during Malta’s Presidency term, but also with its vast experience on the EU’s Southern Neighbourhood.

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