Maltese and Russian Foreign Ministers exchange letters, marking 50 years of diplomatic relations

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Jul 26, 2017

The 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Malta and the Russian Federation (formerly the Soviet Union) on 26 July 1967 was marked by an exchange of letters between Carmelo Abela, Malta’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion, and Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov. 

In his letter to his Russian counterpart, Minister Abela described the anniversary as a celebration of a long-standing and active friendship between the two countries.  “This friendship was nurtured over five decades of mutual respect and valued cooperation, which have provided rewarding results in the political, economic, and cultural fields,” he wrote, adding that the historic official meetings of high-ranking Government representatives and officials between the two countries further exemplify the positive advances being made, and the meaningful understanding achieved.  Minister Abela said that, encouraged by this progress, there is certainly the potential to continue building upon this existing relationship in the years ahead for the mutual benefit of Malta and Russia’s respective citizens.

The Maltese Foreign Minister added that Malta will continue to be a constructive voice in seeking common ground in areas of strategic interest within the European Union as well as in multilateral fora.  In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion will certainly contribute and sustain all efforts aimed at enhancing cooperation to promote international peace, security, and stability.

In his letter, Minister Lavrov pointed out that, during these five decades, the two countries have gained a considerable positive cooperation experience: “A solid contractual legal framework of Russo-Maltese ties has been created. These ties are based upon historical links of mutual sympathy, respect and friendship between our peoples.” 

Minister Lavrov added that Russia is ready to continue working with Malta in the interests of strengthening security in Europe and in the Mediterranean, effectively countering international terrorism, searching for solutions to numerous other challenges. He expressed his conviction that bilateral relations have a considerable potential, which can be tapped as a result of joint efforts aimed at deepening mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields.​