Malta re-elected to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Council in second place with 145 votes. Best result ever achieved

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Dec 02, 2019

On 29 November, Malta was successfully re-elected in Category C of the Council of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) during the 31st session of the IMO General Assembly held in London.  Malta was re-elected in Category (C) of the Council  for the first time in second place, with 145 votes. Singapore placed first with 152 votes. In total, there are 174 members that participate in the election.

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion  Carmelo Abela stated that, “not only has Malta been re-elected to the Council of the International Maritime Organisation at Category C, but achieved the best result ever.  Appreciation goes out to all those partner countries that once more have put their faith in us once again.” He added that Malta remains committed to furthering the values for which the organisation stands, and shall continue building on its maritime vocation in the interest of the international community.

Earlier this week the Assembly was addressed by the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg. He spoke of Malta’s support towards the International Maritime Organization and highlighted a number of special projects that are of interest to Malta. During the Assembly, Malta offered financial contribution to the organisation’s fund for the provision of technical training for developing countries with the aim to improve their maritime capabilities. He said that this result is very prestigious for our country and confirms that Malta—which has one of the largest merchant shipping registers in the world—enjoys the respect of the international community in this sector.

Minister Borg said that “the Government is committed to continue activelt participating in the Council and to further increase the safety and efficiency in sea transport. This result continues to renew Transport Malta’s commitment to further strengthen its operations in maritime and thus further increase the assessment Malta enjoy  in this area which is so important for our country.”

Ministers Carmelo Abela and Ian Borg  showed their gratitude to all those who contributed towards this election in particular the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion and the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects.

A specialised agency of the United Nations, the IMO is responsible for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine pollution by ships. A member of the Organisation since 1966, Malta is a strong supporter of the aims and objectives of organisation and is a firm believer that real enhancement of safety, security and pollution prevention standards at sea and in port can only be achieved through universal implementation of IMO rules and regulations. In Category C, States have special interests in maritime transport or navigation. Their election to the Council ensures the representation of all major geographic areas of the world. Throughout this election, Malta was elected on the Council for the 12th consecutive time.