Open Call for Artists

The Ministry for  Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion seeks artists interested in creating a work of art that honours the Hon. Dom Mintoff, former Prime Minister of Malta and Minister of Foreign Affairs.


On the 6th August 2019, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion, , the Hon. Carmelo Abela, inaugurated a hall dedicated to the memory of Dom Mintoff at the Ministry Palazzo Parisio, in Valletta. On the 103rd anniversary of Dom Mintoff's birth, the Hon. Abela launched a competition for a work of art to commemorate the former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister. The Hon. Minister invites foremost  artists and designers to express their interest to participate in this competition. The proposed Work of Art is to encapsulate the persona of the Statesman as well as his philosophy and contributions in the international fora. The parameters of the hall in which the Work of Art will  be placed is to form an integral part of the project.

The selected project will go through the implementation process under the direction of the awarded artist with the support an intra-ministerial Committee. The awardee shall also oversee the installation of the work of art in the hall dedicated for the purpose.


Between 1971 and 1981 Dom Mintoff served as the second Minister for Foreign Affairs of Malta as an Independent country and the first Minister for Foreign Affairs of Malta as a Republic.  Mr Mintoff was guided by two fundamental principles in Malta’s relationship with other countries:  the promotion of regional peace and Malta’s foreign policy as a means to improve the lives of the Maltese. Mr Mintoff gave great importance to security in the Mediterranean as a condition to peace and security in Europe.     Mr Mintoff was foreign minister between 1971 and 1981, almost his whole term as prime minister. He negotiated the closure of Britain's military base in Malta, promoted a policy of neutrality and non-alignment, strengthening diplomatic relations with neighbouring countries and forging strong relations with emerging powers. He also negotiated a financial protocol with Italy as a guarantor of Malta's neutrality and worked on close a relationship with countries and nations across the world, and the boost in employment due to commerce. 


An intra-Ministeral Committee has been set up in order to establish the relevant parameters and regulations, to liase with and support the various artists that express their interest to participate in this competition.

This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is to solicit artists who are interested in submitting a  design of a permanent work of art  to commemorate Dom Mintoff.  The  shortlisted artists will be briefed with the competition and commissioning process.

·         WHO MAY APPLY

Professional artists working in any and all media and who are at least 18 years of age, are eligible to apply. Employees of the Ministry for Foriegn Affairs and Trade Promotion, Committee members  and their family members are not eligible to apply. By applying, artists could be considered for the second phase of the competition.


The selection process is organised into three phases:

Phase One: Expression of interest by artists.  A CV and portfolio of past work (max ten photos ) is to be attached for the Committee to review.  Eligibility is based upon artistic merit as evidenced in previous work, though the artist needs not have completed a prior permanent public commission. The Selection Committee will short list the  artists to proceed to Phase Two of the open call.

There is no submission fee. Submissions must be made on by not later than Friday 29th November 2019.

Phase Two: The Ministry will invite the artists shortlisted by the Selection Committee from Phase one to submit concept designs, information on materials and technicals, a scaled or full-sized model, work drawings, and plans. An Artist’s Statement (250 words max) and any other pertinent information must also be included in the project.

The proposals will be assessed against the following criteria:

· Appropriateness of the artist’s approach to the theme and designated room;

· Level of presentation;

. Stength and clarity of the the artistic concept;

The project will be submitted at the venue and on the date to be advised at a later date.

Phase Three:

One artist is selected and commissioned to produce the work of art of the highest calibre possible. The selected artist is awarded € 2000 on completion of the work of art. The award carries with it prestige and exposure for the artist since it will be permanently exhibited in a hall frequented by international diplomats and high profile personalities. 

The selected Artist will also be responsible for  installation of the work of art in the designated hall. The Ministry and the Selection Committee will oversee the implementation process.

Please direct all inquiries regarding this open call to  email address

The Selection Committee reserves the right not to make the award if the required level is not achieved

The expression of interest application form can be found by clicking here​

Submissions can be made by not later than Friday 29th November 2019. ​​​