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The Malta Travel Point is an App designed to address issues related to travel by persons residing in Malta. The app aims to bring the services offered by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion and its satellite Missions closer to the public.

The App has 6 sections. Information for travellers is provided in both English and Maltese.

  1. The section on Travel Advice provides useful information on any precautions that should be taken before considering travel to a particular country, as well as information on the political and security conditions, and any health considerations. Information in this section is updated whenever necessary. In order to stay well informed, users can also subscribe to receive notifications (directly on the mobile app or via email), whenever travel advice amendments takes place.

    The section also contains a Travel Checklist which is aimed to properly guide travellers about what to do prior to travel in order to be well equipped and prepared to ensure everything is in order. These tips are a good starting point to help travellers to avoid problems whilst abroad.

  2. The section on Malta Representations lists all the Maltese Embassies, High Commissions, Consulates General and Honorary Consulates wherever they are available. Once you click on the country of choice, you will be shown a map indicating the mission or consulate’s location, together with telephone numbers and an email address. You can click on the emergency telephone lines to call for assistance in the case of an emergency.

  3. The Useful information section provides guidelines for travellers on what to do in the case of accident or illness abroad; arrest or detention abroad; death abroad; financial difficulties; hostage taking or kidnapping abroad; loss or theft of money/credit cards; loss or theft of passport; missing relatives; severe crisis/emergency abroad, and victims of serious crime.

  4. This section on Emergency Services identifies the nearest police/hospital station by geolocation, wherever you are.

  5. Thanks to the Travel Journal section, you now have the option to register your upcoming travel itineraries. Users are encouraged to add their travel plans in the app to ensure better assistance during severe crises or emergencies abroad.

  6. Finally, through the Notifications system, it is also possible to set up an alert system for countries which are of your interest. This would allow you to receive an instant notification whenever an update to the Travel Advice of the countries subscribed to, occurs.

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