Post of Systems Administrator in the Office of the Chief Information Officer

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Nov 22, 2019

Nomenclatures denoting the male gender include also the female gender.

1. The Permanent Secretary, Ministry  for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion invites applications for the post of Systems Administrator in the Office of the Chief Information Officer within the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion.

Terms and Conditions

2.1. This appointment is subject to a probationary period of twelve (12) months.

2.2. The salary for the post of Systems Administrator is Salary Scale 8, which in the year 2019 is equivalent to,
€22,645 per annum, rising by annual increments of €486.83 up to a maximum of €25,566.

2.3. A Systems Administrator in Scale 8 will progress to Scale 7 (€24,153 x €531.17 - €27,340 in 2019) on completion of six (6) years satisfactory service in the grade, subject to satisfactory performance and subject to the completion of a specific ICT toolkit course related to this grade as established from time to time by the Central Administration.

2.4. A Systems Administrator will also be entitled to an annual performance bonus of up to a maximum of 10% of the basic salary, subject to satisfactory performance.


3. The duties of Systems Administrator include:

a) monitoring the day to day running of the IT systems and Infrastructure, ensuring effective end user support on the infrastructure, systems and database applications and the appropriate maintenance  of such;
b) ensuring that an appropriate technical support framework is in place, including the management and oversight of the maintenance of the physical network, deployment of ICT services and applications;
c) ensuring business continuity of ICT services including hardware, software, connectivity and web services;
d) researching, identifying and proposing IT infrastructural improvement for implementation consideration;
e) developing, implementing and maintaining written policies and procedures for IT systems installation and
configuration, operations, development and data management;
f) installing and configuring hardware, software, peripherals, services, directories, storage, etc. in accordance with standards and project/operational requirements;
g) reviewing system performance and application logs, verifying completion of scheduled jobs such as backups, set up log shipping for multiple databases, transaction log truncation and generating periodic performance reporting;
h) coordinating and communicating with impacted constituencies the repair and recovery from hardware or software failures;
i) carrying out ongoing performance tuning, hardware upgrades, system updates and resource optimization as required;
j) ensuring the integrity and security of IT Systems as required by the Government's policies and procedures;
k) creating and maintaining user accounts and assigning privileges through security systems to ensure efficient operations at all levels;
l) testing computer hardware, software and operating system software with the use of test tools and scripts;
m) maintaining updated documentation about systems' configurations;
n) keeping abreast with technical and strategic developments and trends within the ICT industry and specific business area/s;
o) any other duties as directed by the Chief Information Officer and/or the Permanent Secretary;
p) any other duties according to the exigencies of the Public Service as directed by the Principal Permanent Secretary.

Eligibility Requirements

4.1. By the closing time and date of this call for applications, applicants must be:

Public Officers, or Public Sector employees performing duties in the Malta Public Service, or RSSL employees, who are confirmed in their current appointment. Public Officers who are on loan/detailed with/deployed with/on attachment to Public Sector organisations may also apply.


i) in possession of a recognised qualification at MQF Level 6 (subject to a minimum of 180 ECTS/ECVETS credits or equivalent with regard to programmes commencing as from October 2003) in Computing and/or ICT plus one (1) year relevant work experience in a formal and mature ICT environment;


ii) in possession of a recognised qualification at MQF Level 5 (subject to a minimum of 60 ECTS/ECVETS credits or equivalent with regard to programmes commencing as from October 2003) in Computing and/or ICT plus three (3) years relevant work experience in a formal and mature ICT environment;


iii) in a Salary Scale not below Scale 11, and whose appointment in such Scale has been confirmed, with six (6) years relevant work experience in a formal and mature ICT environment.

4.2. Public Officers holding a grade in a particular stream, and who were granted Officer in Scale status by virtue of a Grievances Unit decision in the same scale as that of a higher grade in that stream, are eligible to apply for grades open to officers holding such higher grade within the stream that carries the same scale as that of the Officer in Scale status.

The years of service since the effective date of appointment as Officer in Scale are reckonable for the purpose of satisfying any requisite years of service stipulated in calls for applications.

Any other eligibility requisites for the post must be met in terms of this call for applications.

4.3. Qualifications at a level higher than that specified above will be accepted for eligibility purposes, provided they meet any specified subject requirements. A Masters qualification at MQF Level 7, or equivalent, must comprise a minimum of 60 ECTS/ECVETS credits with regard to programmes commencing as from October

Moreover, candidates who have not yet formally obtained any of the above-mentioned qualifications will still be considered, provided that they submit evidence that they  have been approved for the award of the qualifications in question, or successfully completed the necessary ECTS/ECVETS credits, or equivalent, taken as part of a recognized higher MQF level program of study, as required in the afore-mentioned eligibility criteria, by the closing time and date of the call for applications.

4.4. Applicants must be eligible to take up their due appointment, in terms of 4.1 to 4.3 above, not only by the closing time and date of this call for applications but also on the date of appointment.

4.5. Prospective applicants should note the requirement to produce MQRIC recognition statements in respect of their qualifications from MQRIC, or other designated authorities, as applicable, as per provisions applicable to this call for applications (see link below).

Submission of Supporting Documents

5.1 Qualifications and experience claimed must be supported by certificates and/or testimonials, copies of which are to be scanned and sent through the Recruitment Portal on

5.2 Original certificates and/or testimonials are to be invariably produced for verification at the interview.

Selection Procedure

6.1. Eligible applicants will be assessed by a Selection Board to determine their suitability for the post. The maximum mark for this selection process is 100% and the pass mark is 50%.

6.2. Due consideration will be given to applicants who, besides the requisites indicated in paragraphs 4.1 to 4.3, have proven relevant work experience.

Submission of Applications

7. Applications are to be submitted, for the attention of the Recruitment Section, Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion, through the Recruitment Portal only at the following address: Applications are to include a Curriculum Vitae (which should include a list of qualifications held by applicant), and an updated Service and Leave Record Form (GP47) which has been issued not earlier than one (1) month from the date of application, in pdf format, which are to be uploaded through the Portal. The closing date of the receipt of applications is noon (Central European Time) of Friday, 6 December 2019. A computer-generated e-mail will be sent as an acknowledgement of the application. Further details concerning the submission of applications are contained the general provisions referred to below.

7.1 Applicants are granted up to two (2) working days after closing date or up to two (2) working days from date of notification, whichever is the later, to submit any incorrect or incomplete documents.

Other General Provisions

8. Other general provisions concerning this call for applications, with particular reference to:

applicable benefits, conditions and rules/regulations;
reasonable accommodation for registered persons with disability; submission of recognition statements in respect of qualifications; publication of the result;
medical examination;
the process for the submission of petitions concerning the result; access to application forms and related details;
retention of documents;

may be viewed by accessing the website of the People & Standards Division at the address  or may be obtained from the Corporate Services Directorate, Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion, Human Resources Section, 331, Allied House, St Paul's Street, Valletta. These general provisions are to be regarded as an integral part of this call for applications.

The website address, fax number and e-mail address of the receiving Department/Division/Directorate are, +0356 2204 2322 and

Fiona Formosa 
Permanent Secretary