Post of Senior Manager (Accounting and Finance)

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Nov 22, 2019

Nomenclatures denoting the male gender include also the female gender.

1. The Permanent Secretary, Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion invites applications for the post of Senior Manager (Accounting and Finance) in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion.

Terms and Conditions

2.1 This appointment is subject to a probationary period of twelve (12) months.

2.2 During the probationary/trial period, appointees must successfully complete appropriate induction programmes organised by the Institute for the Public Services to be eligible for confirmation of appointment.

2.3 The salary for the post of Senior Manager (Accounting and Finance) is Salary Scale 5, which in the year 2019 is €27,538 per annum, rising by annual increments of €640.67 up to a maximum of €31,382.

2.4 The selected applicant shall also be entitled to an annual performance bonus of up to 15% of the basic salary subject to satisfactory performance and subject to Central Administration’s policies in force from time to time.

2.5 On being appointed, a successful candidate would be requested to renounce to any other application/s currently in process within the Public Service which is/are pending at the time of this appointment, without prejudice to SAAC calls (including Assistant Directors).

2.6 Lateral applications by public officers who already hold an appointment in the same grade being advertised are allowed only if the area of specialisation of the vacancy is different to the one held by the applicant and requires a specific related qualification as an eligibility requirement, which the applicant must satisfy.
a. Successful candidates are to serve in this post for a minimum of two (2) years, without prejudice to applicants for SAAC calls (including Assistant Directors)
2.7 It will not be possible to request a transfer before a two (2) year period from date of appointment. On the lapse of a two (2) year period, appointees may only be transferred at own request to carry out duties elsewhere in the area of Accounting and Finance, subject to availability of vacancies and the exigencies of management.

2.8 The result will be valid for a period of two (2) years from the date of publication.

3. The duties of Senior Manager (Accounting and Finance) include:

i. ensuring the proper disbursement, monitoring, evaluation and control of financial resources and funding allocated to ministries, through various mechanisms, in relation to the Public Service and Public Sector, while ensuring that public monies are accounted for;
ii. issuing approvals for the virement of funds, tranches and expenditure proposals which arise during the financial year in line with prevailing regulations;
iii. ensuring that any collection of revenue and arrears of revenue are maximised and that proper accounts are kept thereof, and that all transactions are effected within established timeframes, including those established by other departments;
iv. ensuring that transfers of monies which optimise government cash flow, as well projected or actual cash flow reporting, are carried out in a timely manner;
v. performing duties in connection with the issuance of government securities in the primary market and market development;
vi. performing risk modelling of the aggregate debt portfolio to provide advice on the issuance of new debt, setting and overseeing strategic targets and ranges to guide the day-to-day management of government's debt portfolio, as well as compiling and reviewing key metrics to evaluate and monitor the impact of decisions regarding the debt strategy;
vii. budget planning and control, including the compilation of the Business and Financial Plan, the Budget Document, Budget Speech and the related Appropriation Bill and Act;
viii. preparing Malta's budgetary position, calculating and assessing Malta's and other Member States' budgetary allocations, as well as preparing briefs for high level and other meetings;
ix. consolidating input and advise upon budgetary allocations and revenue forecasts in the Financial Estimates of Government, both for the next following year and on the basis of a three-year Business and Financial Plan, and their continuous monitoring during the course of the year;
x. consolidating input and advise upon requests for the release of periodic tranches to public entities, also through use of the Financial Data Reporting System, necessitating assessment of the itemised expenditure
/ revenue actuals and forecasts reported by all government entities, taking action to ensure that all dues to government are settled in timely manner;
xi. ensuring that statistical data and projections are accurate and relevant, and that any identified trends in data are duly analysed, interpreted and reported to senior management together with recommendations for any remedial action required;
xii. compiling various publications and reports, which may stem from internal, national or international requirements. Examples of such reports are cashflow reports, the Financial Report, Malta's Deficit and Debt (Fiscal) Report, reports for the compilation of Financial and non-Financial Accounts, quarterly and annual statutory statements, Parliamentary Questions, and so on;
xiii. managing project development and implementation including delegated processes, such as the implementation and maintenance of the new Corporate Financial Management Solution (CFMS) among others. Also taking a lead role in the identification of process improvements for simplification,  innovation and added value;
xiv. conducting detailed financial and accounting analysis, evaluation and appraisal of policies and business processes, formulating informed recommendations and action plans;
xv. managing the planning and implementation of audits, including the approval of field audits and spot checks and any follow up required. Also contributing to internal and external audits as required;
xvi. collecting, storing, monitoring and reporting data regarding the Fixed Assets Inventory and Heritage Inventory at Head Office and the Missions Abroad. Also expected to keep data up-to-date with occasional on-the-spot checks;
xvii. leading teams to carry out financial, performance and value for money reviews of line Ministries and entities;
xviii. representing the department or ministry in meetings and conferences, both locally and abroad and participating in working groups;
xix. representing the department or ministry in any legal proceedings as required and ensuring the correctness and relevance of documentation;
xx. ensuring that legislation, regulation, policies and internal control procedures are adhered to and that monitoring is properly implemented. This also includes working with senior management to ensure adequate risk assessment and risk management processes as well as contingency plans to deal with emergencies;
xxi. formulating and updating of policies, processes and procedures of a financial nature as directed. This includes formulating informed recommendations to senior management, overseeing the development of training material and programmes;
xxii. conducting in-depth analyses, such as analysis of the cost-risk trade-offs of different borrowing strategies, and formulating informed recommendations;
xxiii. keeping abreast with accounting standards, financial legislation and government policies. Also keeping abreast with accounting systems, procedures and applications, and following training as directed. This includes ensuring that any updates are disseminated to staff under his/her supervision. Also keeping abreast with financial techniques such as portfolio management and so on.
xxiv. drawing up informed recommendations for the transposition of EU legislation into Maltese legislation as requested;
xxv. establishing clear targets for staff under his/her responsibility, within the context of ministerial and departmental targets and in collaboration with senior management and colleagues;
xxvi. providing effective leadership and mentoring staff under his/her responsibility, to ensure good practices, facilitate the retention of knowledge within government, encourage personal and professional development, and support collaboration towards the attainment of strategic organisational goals;
xxvii. ensuring that staff and resources are professionally managed to encourage a flexible organisational system and structure that is responsive and pro-active in relation to changing;
xxviii. any other duties as requested by the Head of Department and the Permanent Secretary;
xxix. any other duties according to the exigencies of the Public Service as directed by the Principal Permanent Secretary.

Eligibility Requirements

4.1 By the closing time and date of this call for applications, applicants must be:

Public Officers, or Public Sector employees performing duties in the Malta Public Service, or RSSL employees, who are confirmed in their current appointment. Public Officers who are on loan/detailed with/deployed with/on attachment to Public Sector organisations may also apply.

a. in possession of a recognised Masters qualification at MQF Level 7 (subject to a minimum of 60 ECTS/ECVET credits or equivalent, with regard to programmes commencing as from October 2008), in Accountancy or Business Management or Business Administration or Economics or Banking and Finance or ACCA or a comparable professional qualification.
b. with five (5) years’ management experience in Salary Scale 7 or comparable. Any other Managerial experience the employee may possess may be considered by the Administration, which experience must be duly sustained with relevant evidence.
c. the incumbent who previously performed the duties of this specific role within this area in the capacity of Assistant Director, in the term which ended immediately prior to suppression of this  Assistant  Directorship.

4.2 Qualifications at a level higher than that specified above will be accepted for eligibility purposes, provided they meet any specified subject requirements.

Moreover, candidates who have not yet formally obtained any of the abovementioned qualifications as indicated  in paragraph 4.1(a) will still be considered, provided that they submit evidence that they have been approved for the award of the qualifications in question, or successfully completed the necessary ECTS/ECVETS credits, or equivalent, taken as part of a recognised higher MQF level programme of study, as required in the aforementioned eligibility criteria, by the closing time and date of the call for applications.

4.3 To determine the comparable level of responsibility of Public  Sector employees currently  performing duties in the Public Service and RSSL employees to the level of responsibility required of Public Officers applying for this position, the Selection Board should invariably and formally consult the Director/HR Manager responsible for the respective Public Sector entity.
The current arrangement, whereby Public Sector employees performing duties in the Public Service remain on the books of the respective entity, shall continue to apply in the case of Public Sector employees who are selected for the post, subject to the consent of the entity. RSSL employees selected for this post will have their employment with RSSL ipso facto terminated following the successful completion of the probationary period.

4.4 Applicants must be eligible to take up their due appointment, in terms of 4.1 and 4.2 above, not only by the closing time and date of this call for applications but also on the date of appointment.

4.5 Prospective applicants should note the requirement to produce MQRIC recognition statements in respect of their qualifications from MQRIC, or other designated authorities, as applicable, as per provisions applicable to this call for applications (see link below).

Submission of Supporting Documentation

5.1 Qualifications and experience claimed must be supported by certificates and/or testimonials, copies of which are to be scanned and sent through the Recruitment Portal (

5.2 Original certificates and/or testimonials are to be invariably produced for verification at the interview.

Selection Procedure

6.1 Eligible applicants will be assessed by a selection board to determine their suitability for the post. The maximum mark for this selection process is 200% and the pass mark is 120%.

6.2 Due consideration will be given to applicants who, besides the requisites indicated in paragraphs 4.1 to 4.3, have proven relevant work experience.

Submission of Applications

7.1 Applications are to be submitted, for the attention of the Director Corporate Services, Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion, through the Recruitment Portal only ( Applications are to include a Curriculum Vitae (which should include a list of qualifications held by applicant), and an updated Service and Leave Record Form (GP47) which has been issued not earlier than one (1) month from the date of application,  in  PDF  format,  which  are  to  be  uploaded  through the  Portal. In the case of Public Sector employees performing duties in the Public Service and RSSL employees, these are to present their paid/unpaid Leave and Sick Leave records for the last four years, including any records of any disciplinary actions that may have been taken, in the absence of which, it will be understood that no disciplinary action was ever taken. In the case of Public Sector employees performing duties in the Public Service, they are also to produce confirmation from the DCS of the ministry where they are performing duties, that they are officially performing duties in such ministry. The closing date of the receipt of applications is noon (Central European Time) of Friday, 6 December 2019. A computer-generated email will be sent as an acknowledgement of the application. Further details concerning the submission of applications are contained in the general provisions referred to below.

7.2 Applicants are granted up to two (2) working days after closing date or up to two (2) working days from date of notification, whichever is the later, to submit any incorrect or incomplete documents.

Other General Provisions

8. Other general provisions concerning this call for applications, with particular reference to:
applicable benefits, conditions and rules/regulations;
reasonable accommodation for registered persons with disability; submission of recognition statements in respect of qualifications; publication of the result;
the process for the submission of petitions concerning the result; access to application forms and related details;
retention of documents,
may be viewed by accessing the website of the People and Standards Division ( or may be obtained from the Corporate Services Directorate, Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion, Human Resources Section, 331, Allied House, St Paul Street, Valletta. These general provisions are to be regarded as an integral part of this call for applications.

The website address, fax number and email address of the receiving Department/Division/Directorate are, +0356 2204 2332 and

Fiona Formosa Permanent Secretary
Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion