Maltese Easter traditions in Washington D.C.

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Apr 13, 2017

The Maltese Easter treat, the traditional figolla was the highlight of a workshop on Maltese Lent and Easter celebrations in Washington D.C. 

The event was held on Thursday 6 of April 2017 at the residence of the Ambassador of Malta in Washington DC.  The participants were the 6th grade students from the Eliot Hine School.  This class was ‘adopted’ by the Ambassador of Malta to the United States Pierre Clive Agius. 

The workshop started with a discussion about the Maltese traditions at this time of the year and continued with a hands-on experience in the making and the decoration of the figolla.   The nine year olds and their dedicated teacher Mr. William Richardson, greatly appreciated this experience and eagerly packed their creation which they got to take home after pledging that they will only eat their figolla on Easter morning.  Mrs. Jeanelle Portelli was the master chef of the class.  She inspired the class with colours and chocolate.

A clip of this event can be accessed at:

The Embassy Adoption Program is organised by the Department of Education of the District of Columbia and seeks to expose public school students to international perspectives and cross-cultural lessons.  This is the first time for the Embassy of Malta to participate in this program.  This has been a most rewarding experience.