15th meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the 5+5 Dialogue on the Western Mediterranean

5+5 Malta (17-18 JANUARY 2019)


  • What is the 5+5?

The 5+5 Dialogue, also known as the Western Mediterranean Dialogue, is an informal gathering bringing together the Western Mediterranean shores - France, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain, and their North African neighbours Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, and Tunisia, as well as observer partners comprising the European Union, Union for the Mediterranean, the Arab Maghreb Union, the Parliamentary Assembly for the Mediterranean, and the Anna Lindh Foundation - an international organisation shared by 43 Euro-Mediterranean countries to bring people together and promote intercultural dialogue.

Its raison d’être is to secure closer cooperation between the EU countries and Maghreb countries, aiming at improving cooperation and integration in the Mediterranean region.  This sub-regional framework is very relevant in the context of security and stability in the Mediterranean, as it further promotes dialogue, confidence building and information exchange in the Western Mediterranean.

  • Has Malta ever hosted the 5+5 Foreign Ministers’ meeting before?

Malta has hosted the fifth 5+5 Foreign Ministers Meeting in Malta in 2005. In 2012, Malta hosted the second 5+5 Summit where, in the wake of the Arab Spring, the ten Heads of State/Government adopted a wide-ranging declaration dealing with several themes ranging from political dialogue to education and youth.

  • When did Malta assume the 5+5 co-Presidency?

Malta assumed the northern co-Presidency (from France) in Algiers during the 14th Meeting of the 5+5 Foreign Ministers that took place on 21 January 2018, for a two-year period.

  • Where and when were the five previous Ministerial Meetings held?

14th in Algiers (21 Jan 2018), 13th in Marseille (28 Oct 2016), 12th in Tangiers (7 Oct 2015), 11th in Lisbon (22 May 2014), 10th in Nouakchott (16 Apr 2013) and the 9th in Rome (20 Feb 2012). The hosting of the Foreign Ministers Ministerial alternates between countries from the north and the south of the Western Mediterranean.

  • What were the conclusions of the last Ministerial?

The Ministerial in Algiers focused on the main challenges in the Mediterranean, in particular the promotion of inclusive and shared development. On this occasion, the Ministers, as well as the partners present, shared their desire to cooperate to provide practical answers to issues connected with economic, social and sustainable development in the region, by highlighting the need to create jobs.

  • What outcome is expected from this Ministerial?

The theme of this Ministerial will be “Working Together: A Sustainable Future for the Western Mediterranean”. Fully cognisant of the challenges that exist in our region, the meeting will provide an opportunity for a frank exchange of views on important regional matters that are of mutual and common interest such as the situation in Libya, the Middle East Peace Process and the Sahel, as well as issues such as migration and climate change. The meeting will also seek to address opportunities that can be tapped on important and highly relevant issues such as sustainable development and the role of youths.

  • Is the 5+5 format limited only to Foreign Affairs?

No, the 5+5 format covers cooperation in a number of areas, including migration, defence, home affairs, tourism, finance, education, environment/energy, culture and transport.

For accreditation please register online on: https://5plus5.tag.com.mt/f/media

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