Visa Advice for Foreign Nationals

Opening Hours


The Consulate of the Republic of Malta in New York is open from Monday to Friday, 10:00AM to 12:00PM, and from 2:00PM to 4:00PM.


An appointment is required for visa applications. Please call on 212-725-2345 or send an email on to book an appointment or to request further information on the visa application process.


Due to seasonal large number of applications, an appointment may not be available for several weeks. Applicants must book their appointments in good time before travel.


The Consulate will remain closed on the following dates:


Date (2018)


1st January

New Year’s Day

19th January

President's Day

1st February

Freedom Day

30th March

Good Friday

1st April

Easter Monday

28th May

Memorial Day

7th June

Sette Giugno

4th July

U.S. Independence Day

3rd September

Labour Day

8th September

Victory Day

21st September

Independence Day

22nd November


13th December

Republic Day

25th December

Christmas Day




  • At the Consulate of Malta in New York


Visa applicants may submit their applications in person directly at the Consulate of Malta via appointments only.  Biometric data will be collected during the appointment using a quick, discreet, and non-intrusive process that captures a facial image with a digital camera and a fingerprint scan with a digital finger scanner. Your face must be clearly visible for a photograph to be taken.


If you do not hold a US Permanent Resident Card or are not a US citizen, and you hold a US visa, kindly e-mail the Central Visa Unit at as the Consulate may only accept your visa application with authorisation from the Central Visa Unit. Once you have received authorisation from the Central Visa Unit, you may set an appointment to submit your visa application.


Click here for further information on whether you need to apply for a Schengen visa for your travel to Malta.


Click here for information for non-EU nationals who are family members to EU nationals.


Click here to download an Application for Schengen Visa. Additional documentation needs to be provided to support the application form. Refer to the section below for more information.


Mere possession of a visa does not confer an automatic right of entry to the Schengen zone. Visa holders are requested to present proof that they fulfill the entry conditions at the external border.

  • Required Documentation


Visa applications must be in writing with all details filled in. The application must be wholly and legibly completed, and signed by the applicant. The applicant must also provide:


(a)  A valid travel document (passport), validity of which must not be less than 3 months.

(b)  A recent passport-size photograph, in colour, and taken against a white background, with face clearly visible.

(c)   The visa fee. Refer to the visa fee section below.

(d)  A travel medical insurance covering emergency medical, hospitalisation, and repatriation (including in case of death). The minimum cover should be of EUR 30,000. This insurance must be valid for the entire Schengen area and throughout the duration of the stay.

(e)  Supporting documentation: purpose of visit, means of transport (such as a valid flight return ticket), means of subsistence during the journey and stay, and accommodation arrangements.


The Consulate may ask applicants for any other supporting documents it deems necessary. To this effect, it is recommended that applicants contact the Consulate or External Service Provider beforehand for further details.


Further information on what documentation is required can be found at and at


  • Application Processing


Applications for Schengen Short-Stay Visas (C Visas) can be lodged within 3 months prior to the planned trip. Applications are in most cases reviewed within 7-15 business days. In individual cases, the review period can be extended up to 30 days, and in exceptional cases up to 60 days. Some Schengen States require that they are consulted on visa applications submitted to other Schengen States by citizens of certain countries. The consultation process may take up to 7 business days. Such consultation is currently required for nationals of the countries listed on the following list.


It is recommended not to lodge a visa application later than 15 days prior to the planned trip, as it cannot be otherwise guaranteed it will be reviewed in time. Holders of multiple-entry Schengen Short-Stay Visas can lodge a visa application before this visa has expired, provided it has been valid for at least 6 months.

The Consulate of Malta will not be liable to loss of travel expenses due to late submission of applications.


  • Passports and Fees


Passports much be valid for at least 3 months after the intended date of departure from Malta for a single entry Schengen visa.


Kindly note that only passports that have been issued during the past ten years can be endorsed with a visa. If your passport was issued more than 10 years ago and has been extended, the application might not be processed. Applicants are kindly requested to apply for a new passport at their Embassy or High Commission.


Visa Fees



Airport Transit Visa (Category A)


Short Stay Schengen Visa (Category C)


Short Stay Visa Children (6-12)


Schengen Visa (Family Members of EU and Swiss Nationals)


Countries with Visa Facilitation Agreements



Payment is done in $USD cash only, and depending on the exchange rate on the date of the application. Cheques are not acceptable. No visa fees are refundable whatever the outcome of the application.


If applicants wish to have their passports mailed to their residence address, a pre-paid FedEx or USPS envelope is to be provided with the application. Please note that the Mission is not responsible for any loss or delay of passports and supporting documents once these have been posted and left the Mission.


  • Right to Appeal


Visa applications undergo careful consideration and might be refused. Applicants who have been refused or have had their visa annulled or revoked, have the right to appeal against such decisions to the Immigration Appeals Board within 15 days of the notification of such decision.


Full information can be found within the refusal letter once delivered to the applicant. Such letters also include the reasoning behind the refusal decision. Any communication to the Immigration Appeals Board should be addressed as follows:


            The Secretary

            Immigration Appeals Board

            109, Triq Zekka

            Valletta VLT 1517



Or via email on the following address:


Contact Information:

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 Emergency Number
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