The Embassy of Malta in Warsaw supports the Equality Parade

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Jun 13, 2018

The Embassy of Malta in Warsaw supported once again this year, the Warsaw Equality Parade, which was held on 9 June 2018. The Ambassador, Natasha Meli Daudey and members of the embassy, participated along a number of other Ambassadors and diplomats in the march that went around the main streets of Warsaw

At the start of the Parade, the Ambassador of Ireland, Gerard Keown read out an open letter that was signed by 52 Ambassadors and Representatives of International Organisations based in Poland.

In their letter the 52 Ambassadors hailing from countries of the six continents, and representatives of international organisations, express their support for ‘efforts to raise public awareness of the issues affecting the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community and other communities in Poland facing similar challenges.’ The signatories call for joint work on an environment of ‘non-discrimination, tolerance and mutual acceptance’. They affirm that human rights are universal and everyone, including LGBTI persons, are entitled to their full enjoyment.

The letter was also officially presented to the organisers of the Equality Parade on 4 June by this year’s coordinator, the Ambassador of Ireland, together with the Ambassador of the United Kingdom, and the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Austria, representing next year’s and last year’s coordinators. 

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