Maltese Orchestra and Polish Choir Perform the ‘Messa da Requiem’ and other works by Maestro Mark Agius in Poland

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Nov 14, 2018

The Embassy of Malta in Warsaw coordinated extensively with a number of partners on a large scale musical project involving the St. Paul’s Chamber Ensemble and the Medina Foundation for Music, from Malta and the Rotondo Choir from the Parish of Padre Pio in Poznan, on a series of three concerts which took place in Kepno, Kalisz and Poznan, Poland, on the 6th, 7th and 9th November.

These concerts form part of the project ‘Concert of the Wielkopolska and Patriotic Songs’, organised on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the outbreak of the Greater Poland Uprising and the 100th Anniversary of Poland regaining Independence.

The project involved the mobilizing of a 45 piece orchestra, with musicians hailing from Malta and from Poland, joining the Rotondo Choir from Poznan, rehearsing in Malta and in Poland and gearing up for three separate performances in three separate venues. 

During the inaugural performance of the ‘Messa da Requiem’ – a composition by Maestro and conductor Mark Agius, in eight movements for orchestra, choir and soloists, which was first performed at St; John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta last March, the Ambassador of Malta to Poland, Dr. John Paul Grech, delivered a welcome address to a large audience which packed the aisles of the St. Martin’s Parish Church in Kepno. 

In his address, Ambassador Grech stated that the original work by Maestro Agius, the performance of the St. Paul’s Chamber Ensemble and the Rotondo Choir from Poznan, here in Kepno and later in Kalisz and Poznan, provide a demonstration of the extent which cultural cooperation between Malta and Poland has reached nowadays.  In addition, these three performances can be considered as Malta’s cultural offering to the Polish people in celebrating the 100th anniversary of Polish Independence.  It serves in a way to tell the Polish people that Malta wishes to join in celebrating this wonderful and historical achievement.

The inaugural performance of the ‘Messa da Requiem’ in Kepno was streamed live on social media, while local Polish radio stations covered the event and interviewed Ambassador Grech, particularly on the motivation behind the increasing educational and cultural collaboration which is currently taking place between the Embassy of Malta in Warsaw and Poland. 

While in Kepno, Maestro Agius, together the orchestra musicians, conducted a workshop at Special School in Slupia, which was also streamed live.  It should be noted that in Kalisz, the St. Paul’s Chamber Ensemble and the Rotondo Choir performed a totally different musical programme to another packed audience at the Kalisz Centre of Culture.  

This project owes a lot to the generous support of a list of partners, without which the whole undertaking would not have taken off.  Apart from the Medina Foundation for Music and the St. Paul’s Chamber Ensemble and the Rotondo Choir of the Parish of San Padre Pio in Poznan, credit is highly due to the Apertus Association; the Special Needs School in Slupia, Kepno; the Local Government of Wielkopolskie Voivodship; the Malta Tourism Authority and the Cultural Diplomacy Fund of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion of Malta.