michael moczkowski
Honorary consul of malta in lodz

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Mr. Michael Moczkowski can rightly call Malta his second home.  He was raised in Malta till the age of 33 when he returned to Poland and set up his business.  His personal and business links with Malta, remain very strong till today. 

Mr. Moczkowski is the CEO of M2 Logistic Parks, an investor in logistic land and provider of project development services.  Mr. Moczkowski is also a partner in PAI Investment Group, a company that is focused on real estate, wind energy and financial structuring. 

Mr. Moczkowski has a wealth of experience and is proud to have worked with companies including EDP Renovaveis, Erg Renew, Enel, AES and a number of energy funds entering the eastern European markets. Mr. Moczkowski was a member of the Board in Renovatio Power Polska sp. z o.o, the Polish subsidiary of Renovatio Group, an international, privately held group of companies, with branch offices located across Europe, in Austria, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Poland, Greece and Bulgaria.

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