Malta’s EU presidency priorities in Washington D.C.

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Feb 06, 2017

The Embassy of Malta in Washington DC organised at the official residence of the Ambassador of Malta an evening about the EU Presidency of Malta. This event was organised in cooperation with the Intergovernmental Professional Group, which consists of journalists, lobbyists, consultants, Federal and Congressional civil servants.

The Ambassador of Malta to the United States, Pierre Clive Agius, explained the six priorities of the Maltese EU Presidency to the guests.  He The dcx  Ambassador Agius said that Europe was much more than Brexit.  Europe, he said, was a remarkable home of peoples, a home where even smaller countries, like Malta, can contribute effectively and influence its very own evolution.

This home of peoples, Ambassador Agius stated, continues to attract other countries because they too want to have their existence rooted in peace, stability and prosperity. These are facts which have to be recognised particularly to confront the rise of populism all over the world.