The Ambassador

Ambassador Cecilia Attard-Pirotta, a career diplomat, joined the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in 198​3, as a university student, whilst reading for a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration at the University of Malta; graduating, with Honours, in 1988, she went on to read a Master in Diplomatic Studies, at the Mediterranean Academy for Diplomatic Studies between 1990-1991, presenting a dissertation on ‘Subjects of International Law’. In 2017 Ambassador Attard-Pirotta earned a Master of Arts (Hons.) in Mediterranean Studies, with distinction (summa cum laude), presenting a dissertation on, ‘The Union for the Mediterranean, A Critical Review’.

Throughout her 35-year career Ambassador Attard-Pirotta has served in various positions; she has managed Malta´s relations with a number of countries from all regions, covered multilateral issues within the OSCE and the UN, as well as worked on Mediterranean, European Union and Commonwealth issues; further, her assignments have included a focus on specific thematic subjects, such as trade, the environment, as well as development issues.

Over the past years Ambassador Attard-Pirotta has occupied a number of senior positions within the Ministry for Foreign Affairs; between 1999 and 2002 she served as Director, responsible for Bilateral Relations; she was subsequently appointed Ambassador to Spain, being the first women to be appointed as a bilateral ambassador resident overseas, a post she held until 2004.  In July of that year she was appointed Permanent Secretary within the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Investment Promotion, becoming the first woman in Malta’s Civil Service to occupy such a post.

In 2010 Ambassador Attard-Pirotta was appointed Deputy Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean, which has its seat in Barcelona, responsible for Social and Civil Affairs, where she worked on projects for underprivileged girls, with a particular focus on education, decent work, reducing youth unemployment and improving the status of women.

In January 2016 Ambassador Attard-Pirotta was appointed resident Ambassador to the State of Israel, presenting her credential to President Reuven Rivlin in February 2016.

Ambassador Attard-Pirotta has given lectures on management and leadership roles, particularly on leadership in crisis situations, as well as management roles within the Public Service. She is a founding member of the Mediterranean Women Mediators Network.

Ambassador Attard-Pirotta is married to Architect Ivan Attard.



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