The Space of Malta in International Relations: Limitations or Opportunities?

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Nov 29, 2019

Moscow, 19 November 2019 — The Ambassador of Malta to the Russian Federation, Pierre Clive Agius gave a lecture at the Moscow State Linguistic University on the role of Malta in international relations. The title of the lecture was ‘The Space of Malta in International Relations: Limitations or Opportunities?’

In his lecture, which was held at the main auditorium of the university, the ambassador explained the contributions Malta made since it became an independent state and joined the international community. The strength of Malta ambassador Agius said, were not the missiles or a mighty armed forces but its principled approach to politics.  He also explained how the concept of neutrality, which is enshrined in the Constitution, gives Malta the moral authority and freedom of thought which very few countries around the world can embrace.  These elements make Malta a unique unique and honest broker in diplomacy.  This he explained, was the value-added Malta would bring to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) if it is elected in the near future.

The students showed a lot of interest ion the lecture and followed-up with many questions.