Strong promotion of Malta’s EFL Industry in Moscow

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Nov 13, 2019

Moscow — The Embassy of Malta in Moscow has been very active in promoting the English Language Courses Industry of Malta at various student fairs, Schools and universities all over Moscow.

The ambassador of Malta, Pierre Clive Agius, addressed travel agents, teachers of English, students, and parents explaining and highlighting the opportunities Malta offers.   Ambassador Agius also participated in a webcast which reached several thousands English language teachers from all over Russia.

In cooperation with MTA, Air Malta and Maltese EFL Schools Ambassador Agius served on a jury to award a young Russian Student a fully paid English course in Malta.  To participate, the young students had to give a presentation on ‘Why I want to go to Malta’.  Several were the students who participated in this competition and who gave very good and original presentations and made the selection of the winner quite difficult.



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