L’Italiano sul Palcoscenico in Moscow

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Nov 06, 2019

The Ambassador of Malta to the Russian Federation, Pierre Clive Agius, was the guest of honour at the Moscow State Linguistic University during the opening of La Settimana Italiana which was held all over the world.  This year the theme was the Italian language and the Theatre. 

Ambassador Agius explained that the Maltese are genetically polyglots because besides the Maltese language, English and Italian are very much a way of life.  This, he explained, is the secret behind the success of the Maltese English Language Teaching Industry which has an excellent reputation in Russia.

Italy and Malta enjoy solid relations which go beyond politicians – it is a relationship of peoples and of shared and common interests, Ambassador Agius explained.

The Embassy of Malta regularly participates in linguistic events including in the La Semaine de la Francophonie when Ambassador Agius participated in public reading.  The Embassy uses these events to promote Malta as a learning centre of excellence.

MNPK Italiano sul palcoscenico 24 Oct 2019_MSLU6792.jpg

MNPK Italiano sul palcoscenico 24 Oct 2019_MSLU6836.jpg