Ministry for Foreign Affairs
and Trade Promotion
Palazzo Parisio
Merchants Street
Valletta, VLT 1171
2124 2191
2123 6604

Green Initiatives



·    Installed energy saving bulbs and ballasts in most offices.

·    Installed photovoltaic panels on the roof which have been connected to the electrical system. 




·    Waste separation at source has been introduced.

·    Separated waste is being collected and sent for recycling.

·    Reuse of envelopes and paper for internal purposes.

·    Staff is encouraged to print on both sides, and print in draft mode whenever possible.

·    Staff encouraged to switch off monitors/PCs when not in use.





·   Circulars on paper disposal, for saving water, saving electricity, and the use of air-conditioning have been issued. Click here​ for more information. 



·    Containers for used batteries are to be introduced