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Legalisation of Documents

Legalisation of Documents

This Charter is a guide to the Document Legalisation Office within the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. It outlines the service provided and the standards of service we aim to achieve.

The Legalisation Unit aims to provide a quick and reliable service to all customers who require official documents to be legalised.


Services offered

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs legalises:

·   Original documents that have been issued by Public Entities in Malta such as the Public Registry, Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), the Malta Police Force, and the University of Malta amongst others;

·        Copies of documents which are notarised as being true copies of originals by Public Notaries and Lawyers who are duly registered with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs;

·        Translations: endorsement of translated documents will be carried out only if the translator's signature is registered with the Ministry.


Official documents that require a legalisation must always contain an original signature of a person based in Malta and registered with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.  Documents will be legalised once the signature has been matched with the original signature available at the Ministry’s database. 

Once the authenticity of the signature has been ascertained, the document will be legalised through the affixation of either an apostille certificate or a legalisation certificate. Documents destined for countries which have not signed the Hague Convention on the recognition of Apostille certificates will require a legalisation from the Ministry. Subsequently, this would have to be counter-legalised by a representative of the country where the document is intended for presentation. It is to be noted that counter-legalisations are done at various embassies and consulates in Malta. Should the country not be represented in Malta, the Ministry will indicate the country where that Embassy is represented. If the Embassy is represented from Rome, the Ministry will assist the client by forwarding the documents to that particular Embassy via diplomatic mailbag which is sent weekly. This relay service is done free of charge. However, one is advised to contact the Ministry beforehand in order to ascertain the fees charged by the respective embassy abroad.

A fee of €20.00 per document is charged. However in the cases of personal documents such as certificates issued from the Public Registry or University (school) certificates, a fee of €12.00 per document is charged. Payment may be effected either by cheque payable to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, in cash or alternatively by visa card.

Adoption documents are legalised free of charge upon presentation of a covering letter issued from the Adoption Agency.

Should a professional or any other designated person desire to have their signature registered with the Ministry, they should fill in a Specimen Signature Form. The form can be downloaded by clicking here​. The following documentation need to be presented together upon submission of the application form:

·         Lawyers – Covering letter, copy of warrant, and copy of ID Card

·         Accountants & Auditors – Covering letter, copy of warrant and copy of ID Card

·         Notaries – Covering letter, copy of warrant and copy of ID Card

·         Company Secretaries – covering letter, copy of Memorandum & Articles, covering letter from Head of Company and copy of ID Card

·         Directors - Covering letter, copy of Memorandum & Articles and copy of ID Card

·         Heads of Schools – Covering letter and copy of ID Card

·         Heads of International Schools – Covering letter, copy of ID Card and Certificate issued from the Ministry for Education and Employment

·         Consuls / Diplomats – Covering letter and copy of ID Card

·         Government Officials – covering letter from direct superior and copy of ID Card

·         Translators – covering letter, a degree related to linguistics/translation services and a copy of ID Card


The Legalisation Unit is committed to a high level of customer service. Hence when visiting our offices we will:

·             treat you with courtesy and respect;

·             be responsive to your requests in the shortest possible time;

·             be clear and helpful;

·             deal with your enquiries and complaints quickly and effectively.


You can help us provide you a better service by:

·            checking in which country the documents shall be presented;

·            if the documents need to be translated, presenting us with a translation done in Malta;

·            if the documents are copies, ensuring that the copies have been notarised.


Our opening hours are from Monday to Friday

Between 1st October and 15th June:

From 08:30 hrs to 12:00 hrs (for people who have 10 or less documents to legalise) 

For more than 10 documents, an appointment should be requested by calling on telephone no.

+356 2204 2283. Appointments are set between 07:30 and 08:15 or 13:15 and 14.15.

Between 16th June and 30th September:

From 08:30 hrs to 12:00 hrs

Should you require any further information feel free to call us on +356 2204 2283.


Feedback and Complaints

If you are not satisfied with our service, you are invited to call at the offices to discuss your complaint, or get in touch by post or by phone or send us an email on

We treat all feedback confidentially, deal with it promptly and use it to improve our service.

Your complete satisfaction is essential to us. We will look into all complaints as they help us improve our service. If you would like to lodge a complaint, it is best to first speak to the person who served you.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may call at our office or write to us at the following address:

Document Legalisation Office

Consular Services Directorate

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Palazzo Parisio,

Merchants' Street,

Valletta  VLT 1170


We will acknowledge your complaint promptly and give you a full reply within 2 weeks from date of receipt of the complaint.


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